With Flowers, control risks and hazards for zero-defect production scheduling

Production scheduling

Your scheduling is optimized whatever your manufacturing processes

While planning aims to manage resources, raw materials, intermediate products and capacities in the medium and long term, scheduling has a much finer temporal granularity and deals with the sequencing and coordination of day-to-day operations.

In short, it involves managing material flows and coordinating operations in near real time, while taking into account internal and external hazards and uncertainties.

Depending on the type of manufacturing process, the scheduling approach can be based on flow simulation or on constraint resolution techniques.

To sum up

The Flowers platform provides both efficient discrete event simulation capabilities, as core functionality, and constraint resolution and local optimization capabilities through a specialized module.

The simulation engine is available to all scheduling users and makes it possible to calculate the consequences of choices which are either made by the user himself or generated by the optimization module. In the latter case, the user will be able to manually modify the generated solution and simulate the final operation sequence before validating it.

The other standard features of the platform are also available, including:

  • Advanced, fluid graphics that enable quick analysis and adjustment of scenarios
  • Complete recording of results
  • Exploration, comparison and archiving of numerous scenarios
  • Multi-user operation…

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