Who are we ?

An ambitious R&D policy and solid experience in the field to support manufacturers


As a software engineering company, Princeps stands out for its unique combination of intense R&D activity and solid field experience.

  • R&D

    From the beginning, our commitment to R&D has enabled us to establish strong collaborations with academic organisations across Europe and to lead numerous EU-funded projects.

  • Experience

    Over 20 years' practical experience in the field has enabled us to implement planning and scheduling projects for refineries around the world. From this considerable effort has emerged an innovative and generic software suite, applicable to a wide range of sectors and a wide variety of applications.

  • Flexibility

    As a result, the unique expertise acquired by Princeps in the refining industry is now available to industrial companies in other sectors. Our skills range from medium and long-term economic planning to logistics optimisation and production scheduling.

  • Sustainable partner

    In line with our philosophy of building strong and lasting partnerships with our customers, we also integrate an eco-responsible approach into our solutions, ensuring compliance with environmental best practice.

  • 20

    years of experience

By combining specialist skills, a wealth of experience and a strong customer-focused culture, Princeps is able to meet the most complex industrial challenges and help its customers to optimise their operations, reduce costs and improve performance.

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