Refinery software & consulting service company

PRINCEPS is a consulting and refinery software provider company, with a special focus on refinery and petrochemicals planning and scheduling.

With a first class team of engineers and experts specialised in chemical processes, mathematical programming and information technology, PRINCEPS’ area of practice covers the following domains

Refinery & petrochemicals planning and scheduling
Customised optimization solutions for continuous and batch processes
Large scale network design optimization

PRINCEPS is an R&D intensive company. We have conducted a significant R&D effort in cooperation with academic organisations in Europe (PRINCEPS is the initiator and coordinator of several EU funded projects).

Strong with more than 15 years field experience through planning and scheduling projects worldwide, we have developed an innovative software suite which introduces a new paradigm in this domain.

Most importantly, PRINCEPS has developed over the years, a strong working partnership with its clients, which is at the foundation of its customer oriented culture.

Unique developments

In addition to a core smart simulation module, PRINCEPS has developped 2 optimisation modules with very unique features. Its crude oil optimized scheduling Compass is the only available solution in the market capable of handling real size crude Blending and sequencing optimization problems under tight operational and logistical constraints. At the downstream end, Optimix ensures efficient multiple blends optimization while taking into account virtually any specific situation or constraint.

PRINCEPS’ scheduling technology represents a technology leap through a variety of innovative features, such as

  • The capability to dynamically modify events during simulation, making a schedule self-adjust its events to the simulation results

  • Schedules and models archiving and “versioning”, merge different branches from different users, or rolling back schedule changes as needed

  • Smooth and continuous transition between model versions within the same schedule

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