Flowers unified planning & scheduling : New features 2020

Here are  few of our team’s latest innovations. Many of those were presented at our user conference (Q4 of last year); they are now ready to go to market:


  • Unified planning and scheduling model: beyond a unique platform, planning and scheduling now use the same process models, and the generation of the planning model topology out of the is automated.


  • Our planning solution is now available in a collaborative multiuser architecture.
  • Hundreds of LP cases can be distributed and run on remote calculation servers.
  • A sophisticated and fast multistart capability is available to help escaping from local optima
  • Reactive scheduling: adjusting a whole schedule after a local change is literally completed in seconds
  • Embedded LP: we’ve made our LP engine available to the simulation engine. This makes it possible to optimize a local perimeter within scheduling


  • Inclusion of crude pipeline in the scope of our crude oil optimized scheduling
  • Handling of running-gauge operations within a continuous time representation


  • Inclusion of some upstream units campaigns in the scope of products blending optimization

More announcements to come: stay tuned.


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